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Let's Repair your House!

Whether owner, tenant or management company, we can assist with build-outs, common area and other maintenance, building additions, emergency repairs or any other work required or desired for all sizes and types of businesses. 
Sosa Contractor's Help you renovate your Concrete -  Sidewalks - Steps - Concrete 
Brick - Steps - Stucco - Driveways - Paving Stone and Patios work.

Stones and Bricks add a beautiful addition to any landscape, Concrete, Sidewalks, And New Patios can be incorporated into your House to provide
visual interest and style
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Roofing Services
Our Contractor will guide you to choose a good Roofing.

Sosa General Contractor is your one-stop-shop for all Roofing design,
installation, & maintenance needs.
Professional Roofing will not only improve the aesthetic look of your property, but will also increase property values.

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Tel: 718-216-9291